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Register list for 16 new names including Spongiisocius variivorans sp. nov.

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Thomas, Torsten (2023). Register list for 16 new names including Spongiisocius variivorans sp. nov.. The SeqCode Registry r:v1sky3wb.
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 Nguyen et al. (2023). Identification, classification, and functional characterization of novel sponge-associated acidimicrobiial species. Systematic and Applied Microbiology. DOI:10.1016/j.syapm.2023.126426


Name Rank Status Nomenclatural type
Spongiisocius variivoransTs Species Valid (SeqCode) NCBI Assembly: GCA_028279005.1
Poriferisocius aerobiusTs Species Valid (SeqCode) NCBI Assembly: GCA_028278955.1
Poriferisocius anaerobius Species Valid (SeqCode) NCBI Assembly: GCA_028278785.1
Poriferisodalis multihospitumTs Species Valid (SeqCode) NCBI Assembly: GCA_028278755.1
Aldehydirespirator catecholifindensTs Species Valid (SeqCode) NCBI Assembly: GCA_028283245.1
Hopanoidiivorans cymbastelaeTs Species Valid (SeqCode) NCBI Assembly: GCA_028283145.1
Hopanoidiivorantaceae Family Valid (SeqCode) Hopanoidiivorans
Aldehydirespirator Genus Valid (SeqCode) Aldehydirespirator catecholifindensTs
Poriferisodalaceae Family Valid (SeqCode) Poriferisodalis
Spongiisociales Order Valid (SeqCode) Spongiisocius
Spongiisocius Genus Valid (SeqCode) Spongiisocius variivoransTs
Poriferisocius Genus Valid (SeqCode) Poriferisocius aerobiusTs
Poriferisodalis Genus Valid (SeqCode) Poriferisodalis multihospitumTs
Hopanoidiivorans Genus Valid (SeqCode) Hopanoidiivorans cymbastelaeTs
Spongiisociaceae Family Valid (SeqCode) Spongiisocius
Aldehydirespiratoraceae Family Valid (SeqCode) Aldehydirespirator


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