About the SeqCode Registry

The SeqCode Registry is the central repository for names of prokaryotes proposed under the SeqCode

The Team Behind the SeqCode Registry

  • Luis M Rodriguez-R (Universität Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria)
  • Marike Palmer (University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Las Vegas NV, USA)
  • Maria Chuvochina (The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia)
  • Fang Yuan (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA, USA)
  • With contributions from the members of the SeqCode Steering Committee

Additional SeqCode Materials

  • SeqCode Initiative: Learn more about the broader initiative, our community, and recent news
  • The SeqCode: Read the actual code guiding the proposal of names of prokaryotes described from sequence data
  • Publications: Read our recent manuscripts
  • Contact us: Join the discussion in Slack
  • Join the Community: Become a member of the SeqCode Community