Candidatus Accumulibacter

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Candidatus Accumulibacter”
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Lu et al., 2006
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Deng et al., 2023, Water Research CRISPR-Cas phage defense systems and prophages in Candidatus Accumulibacter
Zhao et al., 2022, Chemosphere Research advances of the phosphorus-accumulating organisms of Candidatus Accumulibacter, Dechloromonas and Tetrasphaera: Metabolic mechanisms, applications and influencing factors
Deng et al., 2022, CRISPR-Cas phage defense systems and prophages inCandidatusAccumulibacter
Pelevina et al., 2022, Microbiology A Phosphate-Accumulating Microbial Community in the Laboratory Bioreactor Predominated by “Candidatus Accumulibacter”
Tomas-Martinez et al., 2022, Enrichment and application of bacterial sialic acids containing polymers from the extracellular polymeric substances of “Candidatus Accumulibacter”
Petriglieri et al., 2022, mSystems Reevaluation of the Phylogenetic Diversity and Global Distribution of the Genus “CandidatusAccumulibacter”
Adler et al., 2022, Environmental Microbiology Disentangle genus microdiversity within a complex microbial community by using a multi‐distance long‐read binning method: example of Candidatus Accumulibacter
Petriglieri et al., 2021, Re-evaluation of the phylogenetic diversity and global distribution of the genus Candidatus Accumulibacter
Srinivasan et al., 2021, Water Research Oligotyping and metagenomics reveal distinct Candidatus Accumulibacter communities in side-stream versus conventional full-scale enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR) systems
Sun et al., 2021, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering Tetrasphaera, rather than Candidatus Accumulibacter as performance indicator of free ammonia inhibition during the enhanced biological phosphorus removal processes

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