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“Accumulibacter” Hesselmann et al., 1999
Effective publication
Hesselmann et al., 1999
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L. inf. v. accumulare, to accumulate; N.L. masc. n. bacter, small rod; N.L. masc. n. Accumulibacter, a rod-shaped bacterium which accumulates
Nomenclatural type
“Accumulibacter phosphatis”


Bacteria » Pseudomonadota » Betaproteobacteria » Rhodocyclales » Rhodocyclaceae » “Accumulibacter”
Rhodocyclaceae gtdb assigned in Zilles et al., 2002
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Citation Title
Zhang et al., 2016, Scientific Reports Development of Quantitative Real-time PCR Assays for Different Clades of “Candidatus Accumulibacter”
Zeng et al., 2016, Chemosphere Influence of nitrite accumulation on “Candidatus Accumulibacter” population structure and enhanced biological phosphorus removal from municipal wastewater
Flowers et al., 2013, The ISME Journal Comparative genomics of two ‘Candidatus Accumulibacter’ clades performing biological phosphorus removal
Kim et al., 2013, Applied and Environmental Microbiology Characterization of the Denitrification-Associated Phosphorus Uptake Properties of “Candidatus Accumulibacter phosphatis” Clades in Sludge Subjected to Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal
He, McMahon, 2011, Microbial Biotechnology Microbiology of ‘CandidatusAccumulibacter’ in activated sludge
He et al., 2010, Applied and Environmental Microbiology Bacterial Community and “ Candidatus Accumulibacter” Population Dynamics in Laboratory-Scale Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal Reactors
He, McMahon, 2010, The ISME Journal ‘Candidatus Accumulibacter’ gene expression in response to dynamic EBPR conditions
Anonymous, 2009, SciVee Jason Flowers Metabolic Characterization of Candidatus Accumulibacter Phosphatis Using Metaproteomic Analysis
Peterson et al., 2008, Environmental Microbiology Environmental distribution and population biology of Candidatus Accumulibacter, a primary agent of biological phosphorus removal
He et al., 2007, Applied and Environmental Microbiology “ Candidatus Accumulibacter” Population Structure in Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal Sludges as Revealed by Polyphosphate Kinase Genes

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