Roseiconus lacunae


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Roseiconus lacunae Kumar et al., 2021 (valid 2023)
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Kumar et al., 2021
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L. gen. n. lacunae, of a lagoon
Nomenclatural type
NCBI Assembly: GCA_008312935.1
Reference strain
JC635 = KCTC 72164 = NBRC 113875
Nomenclatural status
Validly published under the SeqCode


Colour of chemotrophically grown culture is light pink. Cells are motile with lophotrichous flagella. NaCl is obligate for growth and tolerates up to 5% (w/v) with optimum growth at 3%. Optimum pH and temperature for growth are 8.0 (range 6.0–9.0) and 30 ºC (range 10–35 °C), respectively. Growth factors are not required for growth. D-glucose, fructose, mannose, maltose, sucrose, starch, D-xylose, lactose, D-galactose and rhamnose are good carbon sources/electron donors for supporting its growth. Ammonium sulphate, peptone, L-serine, DL-threonine, L-leucine and DL-alanine, L-isoleucine, L-phenylalanine, L-glutamic acid and L-aspartic acid are utilized as nitrogen sources for its growth. Major fatty acids are C18:1ω9c, C16:0 and anteiso-C13:0. Minor fatty acids include C10:0 3-OH, C12:0, C11:0 3-OH, C14:0, anteiso-C15:0, C16:1ω7c/C16:1ω6c, C17:0, C17:1ω8c, anteiso-C17:0, C18:0, C18:1ω7c/C18:1ω6c, anteiso-C12:0, C16:0 3-OH, anteiso-C16:0, anteiso-C17:1 A and C18:3ω6,9,12c. Polyamines are 1,2-diaminopropane, cadaverine, spermidine, putrescine, and two unidentified polyamines. Polar lipids are phosphatidylethanolamine (PE), phosphatidylcholine (PC), unidentified amino lipids (AL 1), and one unidentified lipid (L1). Genomic DNA G + C content is 55.1 mol%. The reference strain JC635 (= KCTC 72164 = NBRC 113875) was isolated from Chilika lagoon, India (19° 51' 15N, 85° 21' 19E).
Bacteria » Planctomycetota » Planctomycetia » Pirellulales » Pirellulaceae » Roseiconus » Roseiconus lacunae
Roseiconus assigned by Kumar et al., 2021


NCBI Assembly: GCA_008312935.1
Isolate Genome
Estimated Quality Metrics
  • Completeness: 93.4%
  • Contamination: 0.9%
  • Quality: 88.9
Ribosomal and transfer RNA genes
  • 1 16S rRNA (up to 100.0%)
  • 1 23S rRNA (up to 100.0%)
  • tRNAs for 20 amino acids
Sequencing depth
100.0 ×
Other features
  • G+C Content: 55.13%
  • Coding Density: 86.85%
  • Codon Table: 11
  • N50: 466,683 bp
  • Contigs: 97
  • Assembly Length: 7,949,947 bp
  • Ambiguous Assembly Fraction: 0.0%
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Kumar et al., 2021, Archives of Microbiology Descriptions of Roseiconus nitratireducens gen. nov. sp. nov. and Roseiconus lacunae sp. nov
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