Terraquivivens tikiterensisTs


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Terraquivivens tikiterensisTs Buessecker et al., 2022
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Buessecker et al., 2022
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N.L. fem. adj. tikiterensis, of Tikitere, referring to Tikitere, Rotorua, New Zealand, where this organism was identified from
Nomenclatural type
NCBI Assembly: GCA_003056285.1


The MAG of this organism was recovered from environmental sequencing of samples from Tikitere, Rotorua, New Zealand. The binned genome totals 1,536,389  bp and has a G+C content of 51.3 %. The genome completeness is estimated at 99.0 %, with very low (0.49 %) contamination based on CheckM. Comprehensive phylogenomic analysis of 120 archaeal marker genes places this taxon in the proposed candidate genus, Terraquivivens, in the proposed candidate family Wolframiiraptoraceae. ANI values between this taxon and other members of the genus fall well below species delineation guidelines (76-78 %), and along with geographic isolation of this taxon from close relatives, delineation as a novel species is supported. Along with the tungstate (Tup) ABC transporter subunits, the molybdate transporter (modABC) and an additional putative wtpA/modA-like gene, homologous to modA-like sequences in Pyrobaculum species, suggest versatility in uptake of either molybdate or tungstate by this species. Two gene fragments encoding 4-hydroxybutyryl-CoA dehydratase (abfD) together, have been identified from the genome, indicating potential autotrophic CO2 fixation through the oxygen-tolerant hydroxypropionate/hydroxybutyrate (HP/HB) cycle, while no other members of the family were found to possess these genes.
“Caldarchaeales” » Wolframiiraptoraceae » Terraquivivens » Terraquivivens tikiterensisTs


NCBI Assembly: GCA_003056285.1
Metagenome-Assembled Genome (MAG)
Estimated Quality Metrics
  • Completeness: 99.03%
  • Contamination: 0.49%
  • Quality: 96.58
Ribosomal and transfer RNA genes
  • 1 16S rRNA (up to 100.0%)
  • 1 23S rRNA (up to 100.0%)
  • tRNAs for 14 amino acids
Sequencing depth
75.0 ×
Other features
  • G+C Content: 51.29%
  • Coding Density: 83.79%
  • Codon Table: 11
  • N50: 55,247 bp
  • Contigs: 39
  • Assembly Length: 1,536,389 bp
  • Ambiguous Assembly Fraction: 0.0%
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Buessecker et al., 2022, Nature Communications An essential role for tungsten in the ecology and evolution of a previously uncultivated lineage of anaerobic, thermophilic Archaea
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