“Parasynechococcus antarcticus”

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“Parasynechococcus antarcticus” Coutinho et al., 2016
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Coutinho et al., 2016
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L. masc. adj. antarcticus, referring to the increased abundance of this organism at the Antarctic province
Nomenclatural type
Strain: WH5701


Coutinho et al., 2016: The phycobilisome pigmentation of this strain belongs to class 1. Bacteriocin gene clusters detected in this genome belong to class I. Type strain is WH5701(T), which has a genome of 3.28 Mbp with a GC content of 65.4 % that encodes 3185 genes that include 593 diagnostic orthologous groups. Taxonomic affiliation to Parasynechococcus antarcticus WH5701 can be defined by the presence of Ammonium transporter, Ferric iron ABC transporter: ATP-binding protein, Ferric iron ABC transporter: iron-binding protein, Ferric iron ABC transporter: permease protein, Ferrous iron transport protein B, GlnN, NifS, NifU, Nitrate ABC transporter, PiuC, Protein PII, UreD, UreE, UreF, UreG, UrtA, UrtB, UrtC, UrtD, UrtE, phnE, phoB, phoH, phoR, pstA, pstB, pstC, pstS.
Bacteria » “Cyanobacteria (phylum)” » Cyanophyceae » Synechococcales » Synechococcaceae » “Parasynechococcus” » “Parasynechococcus antarcticus”
“Parasynechococcus” assigned by Coutinho et al., 2016
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“Regnicoccus antarcticus”


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Walter et al., 2017, Frontiers in Microbiology Ecogenomics and Taxonomy of Cyanobacteria Phylum
Coutinho et al., 2016, Archives of Microbiology Proposal of fifteen new species of Parasynechococcus based on genomic, physiological and ecological features
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