Candidatus Phytoplasma trifolii

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Candidatus Phytoplasma trifolii”
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Hiruki et al., 2004
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Candidatus Phytoplasma » Candidatus Phytoplasma trifolii
Candidatus Phytoplasma


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Publications (39)

Citation Title
Wheatley et al., 2022, Plant Disease Cas12a-Based Diagnostics for Potato Purple Top Disease Complex Associated with Infection by ‘<i>Candidatus</i> Phytoplasma trifolii’-Related Strains
Dutta et al., 2022, New Disease Reports First report of ‘ <i>Candidatus</i> Phytoplasma trifolii’ associated with little leaf disease of <i>Capsicum chinense</i> from the northeast of India
Dutta et al., 2022, Plant Disease First Report of ‘<i>Candidatus</i> Phytoplasma trifolii’ Associated with Little Leaf and Floral Virescence Disease in <i>Solanum violaceum</i> from the North East Region of India
Sajeena et al., 2021, Plant Disease First Report of Candidatus Phytoplasma cynodontis (16SrXIV-A Subgroup) Associated with Cauliflower Phyllody and Flat Stem in India
Hu, Hu, 2021, Plant Disease First Report of ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma trifolii’ Related Strain Associated with Yellowing and Witches’ Broom of Industrial Hemp (Cannabis sativa) in Arizona
Verma et al., 2021, Australasian Plant Pathology Bitter gourd and bottle gourd—new natural hosts of Candidatus Phytoplasma trifolii (16SrVI-D)
Şimşek et al., 2021, Australasian Plant Disease Notes First report of a 'Candidatus Phytoplasma trifolii'-related strain (16SrVI-A) associated with white leaf disease in Spirea japonica
Usta et al., 2021, Plant Protection Science First report of 'Candidatus Phytoplasma trifolii' associated with leaf reddening and upright growth in pears (Pyrus communis L.)
Zhao, Wei, 2021, Candidatus Phytoplasma trifolii (clover proliferation phytoplasma).
Sreerama Kumar, 2021, Plant Disease First Report of Richardia scabra as a Symptomatic Host of ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma trifolii’ (16SrVI-A Subgroup) from Bengaluru, India

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