Meduri, Venkata RamaSravani


Uncovering Symbionts Across the Psyllid Tree of Life and the Discovery of a New Liberibacter Species, “Candidatus” Liberibacter capsica

Kwak et al. (2021). Frontiers in Microbiology 12
Ca. Liberibacter capsica Liberibacter
Sap-feeding insects in the order Hemiptera associate with obligate endosymbionts that are required for survival and facultative endosymbionts that can potentially modify resistance to stress, enemies, development, and reproduction. In the superfamily Psylloidea, the jumping plant lice (psyllids), less is known about the diversity and prevalence of their endosymbionts compared to other sap-feeding pests such as aphids (Aphididae). To address this knowledge gap, using 16S rRNA sequencing we identi