Lamelas, A.

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Evolution of the Secondary Symbiont “ Candidatus Serratia symbiotica” in Aphid Species of the Subfamily Lachninae

Lamelas et al. (2008). Applied and Environmental Microbiology 74 (13)
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Ca. Serratia symbiotica
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology Biotechnology Ecology Food Science
ABSTRACT Buchnera aphidicola BCc, the primary endosymbiont of the aphid Cinara cedri (subfamily Lachninae), is losing its symbiotic capacity and might be replaced by the coresident “ Candidatus Serratia symbiotica.” Phylogenetic and morphological analyses within the subfamily Lachninae indicate two different “ Ca . Serratia symbiotica” lineages and support the longtime coevolution of both symbionts in C. cedri .