Luis M Rodriguez-R (PI)

Assistant professor of the Department of Microbiology and the Digital Science Center (DiSC)

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Current Students

Edoardo Mandolini

PhD Student and member of the Mycology group (advisor: Ursula Peintner) and MEEGL (co-advisor: Luis M Rodriguez-R)


Nathan Ernster

PhD Student, member of MEEGL, and former member of the Microbial Resource Management group

Amina-Gharib Hassan

MSc Student

Beatriz Barroso Gstrein

MSc Student

Dorothea Schneider

MSc Student

Other Staff

Melandré van Lill

Intern, MSc Student at University of Pretoria, advisor: Fanus Venter

Internship: July 2023 - January 2024


Former Students

Alexander M Paoli

Master thesis (November 2023): Characterization of biogeographic ranges of saltern prokaryotes through cultivation-independent genomics

Caterina Pansoni

Master thesis (October 2023): Effect of glycerol addition on the anaerobic digestion process

Amina-Gharib Hassan

Bachelor thesis (November 2022): The use of metagenomic approaches to study the distribution of halophilic microorganisms

Lukas Gumpold

Bachelor thesis (June 2022): Data curation of Candidatus species entries using an online database

Maria Felicitas Kofelenz

Bachelor thesis (February 2022): Advances towards the construction of a culture-independent collection of genomes to be incorporated into the classification engine of the Microbial Genomes Atlas (MiGA)


Madeeha Gohar

PhD student at Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, advisor: Muhammad Imran

Research stay: Winter 2022/2023, supported by an Ernst Mach Scholarship (OeAD)

Alejandro Rodríguez-Gijón

PhD student at Stockholm University and SciLifeLab, advisor: Sarahi L. García, Miint Lab

Research stay: Winter 2021/2022


Esteban Bustos-Caparròs

PhD student at Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (IMEDEA), advisor: Ramón Rosello-Mora

Research stay: Fall 2021