Title USA Yellowstone National Park Hot Springs Metagenomics
Advisor Dr. Luis M. Rodriguez-R, Department of Microbiology and Digital Science Center (DiSC)
Number of students 2
Language English


The selected students will process the metagenomic data obtained from several hot springs in the USA Yellowstone National Park in collaboration with Dr. Zoe Pratte of Montana State University. The successful applicants will learn basic metagenomic techniques for the processing of short- and long-read data, as well as advanced bioinfomatic methods for the determination of prokaryotic genomes from metagenomes (genome-resolved metagenomics), graphical pangenomics representation and processing, and microdiversity quantification. The main aims of this project are the determination of genomic adaptations of thermophilic prokaryotes and the development and application of techniques for the quantification of environmental and biogreographic ranges of specific populations.


Ongoing Master’s degree in microbiology, a capacity for both independent and team work, and interest in both molecular biology and microbial ecology.

Theoretical skills

Foundations on microbiology and molecular biology are highly desirable. Additionally, knowledge on distributed systems and High-Performance Computing is appreciated but not required. Interest in environmental genomics is required, but no previous knowledge necessary.

Practical skills

HPC scheduler systems and basic knowledge on Bash is preferred, but not required.

Additional information

The student will remotely interact with the Co-PI Dr. Zoe Pratte (Montana State University, USA) at least once, and a presentation of their results is highly encouraged.