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Register List [2023]

Vibrio fluminensis sp. nov.

Submitted by Kaufmann, Hannah

Table 1: Complete list of names proposed in the current register list.

Proposed Taxon Etymology Description Parent Taxon Type Registry URL
Species Vibrio fluminensis [flu.mi'nen.sis.] N.L. masc. adj. fluminensis, (from Portuguese adj.) pertaining to the Fluminense region in which the host is commonly found
Gram negative motile rods, presenting green circular colonies on TCBS. It was obtained from the skin of the sharpnose pufferfish Canthigaster figueredoi (Tetraodontidae Family), collected in Arraial do Cabo, located in the Rio de Janeiro region, Brazil. Optimum growth occurs at 20-28 °C in the presence of 3% NaCl.
Vibrio NCBI Assembly: GCA_015278125.1 Ts