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Nanoclepta gen. nov., Nanoclepta minutus sp. nov.

Submitted by St. John, Emily

Table 1: Complete list of names proposed in the current register list.

Proposed Taxon Etymology Description Parent Taxon Type Registry URL
Genus Nanoclepta ['ta] Gr. masc. n. nanos, a dwarf; Gr. masc. n. kleptes, a thief; N.L. masc. n. Nanoclepta, a small thief, a small organism that steals from its host
Obligate ectosymbiont that lives on the surface of archaeal host cells. Cultivated under anaerobic, near-neutral (pH 6.0) conditions. Hyperthermophile, with best growth observed at 80-85°. Isolated in co-culture with archaeal hosts from hot springs. The type species is Nanoclepta minutus.
Nanobdellaceae Nanoclepta minutusTs
Species Nanoclepta minutusTs ['tus] L. masc. adj. minutus, small
Obligate ectosymbiont associated with the host Zestosphaera tikiterensis. Cells are coccoid, ~200 nm in diameter, with lophotrichous archaeal flagella. Best growth observed from 80-85°C. Cultivated under anaerobic conditions at pH 6.0. Isolated in co-culture with its host from "Cooking Pots" hot spring, Tikitere, New Zealand. The type material is strain Ncl-1, with a genome sequence available under NCBI WGS accession MWMI00000000 and Genbank assembly accession GCA_003568775.1. The genome consists of 575,637 bp in 9 contigs, with a G+C content of 32.2%.
Nanoclepta INSDC Nucleotide: MWMI00000000 Ts