New Avoparcin-like Molecules from the Avoparcin Producer Amycolatopsis coloradensis ATCC 53629

Ramoni et al. (2022). Fermentation 8 (2)
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Amycolatopsis coloradensis
Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology (miscellaneous) Food Science Plant Science
Amycolatopsis coloradensis ATCC 53629 is the producer of the glycopeptide antibiotic avoparcin. While setting up the production of the avoparcin complex, in view of its use as analytical standard, we uncovered the production of a to-date not described ristosamynil-avoparcin. Ristosamynil-avoparcin is produced together with α- and β-avoparcin (overall indicated as the avoparcin complex). Selection of one high producer morphological variant within the A. coloradensis population, together with the use of a new fermentation medium, allowed to increase productivity of the avoparcin complex up to 9 g/L in flask fermentations. The selected high producer displayed a non-spore forming phenotype. All the selected phenotypes, as well as the original unselected population, displayed invariably the ability to produce a complex rich in ristosamynil-avoparcin. This suggested that the original strain deposited was not conforming to the description or that long term storage of the lyovials has selected mutants from the original population.
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