Membrane Lipid Composition of the Moderately Thermophilic Ammonia-Oxidizing Archaeon “ Candidatus Nitrosotenuis uzonensis” at Different Growth Temperatures

Bale et al. (2019). Applied and Environmental Microbiology 85 (20)
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Ca. Nitrosotenuis uzonensis
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology Biotechnology Ecology Food Science
For Thaumarchaeota , the ratio of their glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraether (GDGT) lipids depends on growth temperature, a premise that forms the basis of the widely applied TEX 86 paleotemperature proxy. A thorough understanding of which GDGTs are produced by which Thaumarchaeota and what the effect of temperature is on their GDGT composition is essential for constraining the TEX 86 proxy. “ Ca . Nitrosotenuis uzonensis” is a moderately thermophilic thaumarchaeote enriched from a thermal spring, setting it apart in its environmental niche from the other marine mesophilic members of its order. Indeed, we found that the GDGT composition of “ Ca . Nitrosotenuis uzonensis” cultures was distinct from those of other members of its order and was more similar to those of other thermophilic, terrestrial Thaumarchaeota . This suggests that while phylogeny has a strong influence on GDGT distribution, the environmental niche that a thaumarchaeote inhabits also shapes its GDGT composition.
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