High-Quality Draft Genome Sequence of “ Candidatus Methanoperedens sp.” Strain BLZ2, a Nitrate-Reducing Anaerobic Methane-Oxidizing Archaeon Enriched in an Anoxic Bioreactor

Berger et al. (2017). Genome Announcements 5 (46)
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Ca. Methanoperedens
Genetics Molecular Biology
ABSTRACT The high-quality draft genome of “ Candidatus Methanoperedens sp.” strain BLZ2, a nitrate-reducing archaeon anaerobically oxidizing methane, is presented. The genome was obtained from an enrichment culture and measures 3.74 Mb. It harbors two nitrate reductase gene clusters, an ammonium-forming nitrite reductase, and the complete reverse methanogenesis pathway. Methane that escapes to the atmosphere acts as a potent greenhouse gas. Global methane emissions are mitigated by methanotrophs, which oxidize methane to CO 2 . “ Candidatus Methanoperedens spp.” are unique methanotrophic archaea that can perform nitrate-dependent anaerobic oxidation of methane. A high-quality draft genome sequence of only 85 contigs from this archaeon is presented here.
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