Candidatus Sifarchaeales

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Candidatus Sifarchaeales” Sun et al., 2021
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Sun et al., 2021
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N.L. neut. n. Sifarchaeum, Candidatus generic name; -ales, ending to designate an order; N.L. fem. pl. n. Sifarchaeales, the Sifarchaeum order


Sun, et al (2021): The order is circumscribed based on concatenated protein phylogeny and rank normalisation approach as per Parks et al. Type genus is Candidatus Sifarchaeum (Sifarchaeotum (sic)). Inferred to be a hetero-organotroph lineage.

Note: "Candidatus Borrarchaeales" Liu et al (2021) [published April 28] should be considered a late heterotypic synonym of "Candidatus Sifarchaeales" Sun et al (2021) [published June 28], which in turn uses the priority principle to form the name on the basis of "Candidatus Sifarchaeum" corrig. Farag et al (2021) [published April 13].
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Candidatus Sifarchaeia
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Sun et al., 2021, ISME Communications Recoding of stop codons expands the metabolic potential of two novel Asgardarchaeota lineages
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