Nanoclepta minutusTs


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Nanoclepta minutusTs St. John et al., 2019 (valid 2022)
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St. John et al., 2019
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L. masc. adj. minutus, small
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INSDC Nucleotide: MWMI00000000


Obligate ectosymbiont associated with the host Zestosphaera tikiterensis. Cells are coccoid, ~200 nm in diameter, with lophotrichous archaeal flagella. Best growth observed from 80-85°C. Cultivated under anaerobic conditions at pH 6.0. Isolated in co-culture with its host from "Cooking Pots" hot spring, Tikitere, New Zealand. The type material is strain Ncl-1, with a genome sequence available under NCBI WGS accession MWMI00000000 and Genbank assembly accession GCA_003568775.1. The genome consists of 575,637 bp in 9 contigs, with a G+C content of 32.2%.
Archaea » “Nanoarchaeota” » Nanobdellia » Nanobdellales » Nanobdellaceae » Nanoclepta » Nanoclepta minutusTs


INSDC Nucleotide: MWMI00000000
Metagenome-Assembled Genome (MAG)
Estimated Quality Metrics
  • Completeness: 100.0%
  • Contamination: 0.0%
  • Quality: 100.0
Ribosomal and transfer RNA genes
  • 1 16S rRNA (up to 100.0%)
  • 1 23S rRNA (up to 100.0%)
  • tRNAs for 19 amino acids
Sequencing depth
86.68 ×
Other features
  • G+C Content: 32.2%
  • Coding Density: 93.52%
  • Codon Table: 11
  • N50: 111,948 bp
  • Contigs: 9
  • Assembly Length: 575,637 bp
  • Ambiguous Assembly Fraction: 0.0%
Submitter comments
The Prokaryotic Genome Annotation Pipeline (PGAP) was used to identify tRNA and rRNA genes. Completion and contamination were estimated by CheckM. Although analysis with CheckM suggested low completeness, this was likely due to the reduced genome size typical of Nanoarchaeota. The program identified 120-121 archaeal marker genes, which is very similar to the number of marker genes (118-119) identified in the complete genomes of two other Nanoarchaeota, Cand. Nanopusillus acidilobi and Nanoarchaeum equitans (see St. John et al., 2019). For this reason, completion is estimated at 100%.
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Publications (2)

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Oren, Garrity, 2021, International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology Candidatus List No. 2. Lists of names of prokaryotic Candidatus taxa
St. John et al., 2019, Systematic and Applied Microbiology A new symbiotic nanoarchaeote (Candidatus Nanoclepta minutus) and its host (Zestosphaera tikiterensis gen. nov., sp. nov.) from a New Zealand hot spring
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