Zestosphaera tikiterensisT


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Zestosphaera tikiterensisT St. John et al., 2019
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St. John et al., 2019
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N.L. fem. adj. tikiterensis, referring to Tikitere
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Strain: NZ3T = DSMZ 107634 = OCM 1213 = JCM 32895


Cells are non-motile cocci, ~1 µm in diameter. Obligate anaerobe. Hyperthermophilic neutrophile, with optimal growth observed at 82-83°C and pH 6.0. Carbon sources utilized include tryptone, gelatin, yeast extract, and casamino acids. No growth observed on acetate, cellulose, butyrate, glucose, fructose, mannose, glycerol, propionate, sorbitol, ribose, starch, xylose, or sucrose. Thiosulfate required for growth. The type strain is NZ3T (=DSMZ 107634T =OCM 1213 T =JCM 32895 T), isolated from a geothermal spring in Tikitere, New Zealand. The genome consists of 1,808,184 bp in 19 contigs, with a G+C content of 41.9%, and is available under NCBI WGS accession NBVN00000000 and Genbank assembly accession GCA_003056265.1. 
Archaea » Crenarchaeota » Conexivisphaeria » Desulfurococcales » Desulfurococcaceae » Zestosphaera » Zestosphaera tikiterensisT


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Oren, Garrity, 2021, International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology List of new names and new combinations that have appeared in effective publications outside of the IJSEM and are submitted for valid publication
St. John et al., 2019, Systematic and Applied Microbiology A new symbiotic nanoarchaeote (Candidatus Nanoclepta minutus) and its host (Zestosphaera tikiterensis gen. nov., sp. nov.) from a New Zealand hot spring
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