Intestinimonas aquisgranensis


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Intestinimonas aquisgranensis Afrizal et al. 2023
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a.quis.gra.nen’sis. m. l. fem. adj. aquisgranensis, pertaining to the city of Aachen in Germany, where the bacterium was isolated
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Strain: CLA-­AA-­H199 = DSM 112680 = JCM 35876
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Validly published under the ICNP


Shared the highest 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity to Intestinimonas butyriciproducens (96.84%) and Lawsonibacter asaccharolyticus (96.13%). The highest ANI values was to Pseudoflavonifractor capillosus with 83.7%, confirming the novel status of the isolate. The highest POCP value (59.9%) was to Intestinimonas butyriproducens, the type species of this genus, followed by Pseudoflavonifractor capillosus (59.7%). However, the genomic tree analysis placed the strain closer to I. butyriproducens than to P. capillosus. GTDB-TK also assigned the genome to the genus Intestinimonas, confirming the isolate as a novel species within this genus. The isolate was found to be  the same species as ‘Intenstinimonas timonensis(Durand et al., 2017a), with ANI value of 96.23%. However, this species name has never been validated. Genome analysis predicted the ability to utilise starch, sulfide, and L-serine, and to produce acetate, butyrate, propionate, L-cysteine, and riboflavin (vitamin B2). The detection of tetracycline-resistant ribosomal protection protein (ARO:0000002) may indicate the antibiotic resistance potential of this strain. It grows under anaerobic conditions on BHI media and forms cells that are rod-shaped with slightly pointed ends. The G+C content is 59.8 mol%. The type strain, CLA-AA-H199T (=DSM 112680T), was most prevalent in mouse gut microbiota (27.1% of 1,000 samples positive), followed by chicken gut microbiota (24.5%), and human gut microbiota (23.4%). It was isolated from the faeces of a healthy 28-year-old man. 
Bacteria » Bacillota » Clostridia » Eubacteriales » Oscillospiraceae » Intestinimonas » Intestinimonas aquisgranensis
Intestinimonas ncbi
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