Candidatus Endobugula sertula

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Candidatus Endobugula sertula”
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Davidson, Haygood, 1999
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Candidatus Endobugula » Candidatus Endobugula sertula
Candidatus Endobugula


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Publications (4)

Citation Title
Miller et al., 2016, Applied and Environmental Microbiology Lack of Overt Genome Reduction in the Bryostatin-Producing Bryozoan Symbiont “Candidatus Endobugula sertula”
Sharp et al., 2007, The ISME Journal Localization of ‘Candidatus Endobugula sertula’ and the bryostatins throughout the life cycle of the bryozoan Bugula neritina
Davidson et al., 2001, Applied and Environmental Microbiology Evidence for the Biosynthesis of Bryostatins by the Bacterial Symbiont “ Candidatus Endobugula sertula” of the Bryozoan Bugula neritina
Davidson, Haygood, 1999, The Biological Bulletin Identification of Sibling Species of the Bryozoan Bugula neritina That Produce Different Anticancer Bryostatins and Harbor Distinct Strains of the Bacterial Symbiont "Candidatus Endobugula sertula"

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