Candidatus Microthrix

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Candidatus Microthrix”
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Vanysacker et al., 2014
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Nierychlo et al., 2021, Frontiers in Microbiology Low Global Diversity of Candidatus Microthrix, a Troublesome Filamentous Organism in Full-Scale WWTPs
Nierychlo et al., 2020, Frontiers in Microbiology Candidatus Amarolinea and Candidatus Microthrix Are Mainly Responsible for Filamentous Bulking in Danish Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants
Maza-Márquez et al., 2019, Chemosphere Abundance of total and metabolically active Candidatus Microthrix and fungal populations in three full-scale wastewater treatment plants
DiGregorio, 2015, Microbe Magazine By Dominating Wastewater Niche, Candidatus Microthrix Orchestrates Resource Use
Vanysacker et al., 2014, Journal of Microbiological Methods Development and evaluation of a TaqMan duplex real-time PCR quantification method for reliable enumeration of Candidatus Microthrix

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