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Liberibacter Fagen et al. 2014
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Jagoueix et al., 1996
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Liberibacter crescensT
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Bacteria » Pseudomonadota » Alphaproteobacteria » Hyphomicrobiales » Rhizobiaceae » Liberibacter
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Jain et al., 2019, Phytopathology® Liberibacter crescens Is a Cultured Surrogate for Functional Genomics of Uncultured Pathogenic ‘Candidatus Liberibacter’ spp. and Is Naturally Competent for Transformation
Workneh et al., 2019, American Journal of Potato Research Impact of Vine Kill on Zebra Chip Severity and Incidence of ‘Candidatus Liberibacter Solanacearum’ in Potato Tubers
Ghosh et al., 2019, Insects A Transcriptomics Approach Reveals Putative Interaction of Candidatus Liberibacter Solanacearum with the Endoplasmic Reticulum of Its Psyllid Vector
, 2019, Florida Entomologist Effect of Thermotherapy on the Acquisition of Candidatus Liberibacter Asiaticus by the Asian Citrus Psyllid (Hemiptera: Liviidae)
Naranjo et al., 2019, Scientific Reports Liberibacter crescens biofilm formation in vitro: establishment of a model system for pathogenic ‘Candidatus Liberibacter spp.’
Cooper et al., 2019, American Journal of Potato Research The Weed Link in Zebra Chip Epidemiology: Suitability of Non-crop Solanaceae and Convolvulaceae to Potato Psyllid and “Candidatus Liberibacter Solanacearum”
Katsir et al., 2018, Frontiers in Microbiology Genome Analysis of Haplotype D of Candidatus Liberibacter Solanacearum
Harrison et al., 2018, American Journal of Potato Research Differences in Zebra Chip Severity between ‘Candidatus Liberibacter Solanacearum’ Haplotypes in Texas
Passera et al., 2018, International Journal of Molecular Sciences Studies of Microbiota Dynamics Reveals Association of “Candidatus Liberibacter Asiaticus” Infection with Citrus (Citrus sinensis) Decline in South of Iran
Qian et al., 2018, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry Field Detection of Citrus Huanglongbing Associated with ‘Candidatus Liberibacter Asiaticus’ by Recombinese Polymerase Amplification within 15 min

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