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Liberibacter Fagen et al. 2014
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Jagoueix et al., 1996
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Liberibacter crescensT
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Bacteria » Pseudomonadota » Alphaproteobacteria » Hyphomicrobiales » Rhizobiaceae » Liberibacter
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Machado et al., 2010, Citrus Research & Technology Candidatus Liberibacter spp., agentes do huanglongbing dos citros
Albrecht, Bowman, 2009, HortScience Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus and Huanglongbing Effects on Citrus Seeds and Seedlings
Wen et al., 2009, Plant Disease Detection, Distribution, and Genetic Variability of ‘Candidatus Liberibacter’ Species Associated with Zebra Complex Disease of Potato in North America
Magomere et al., 2009, Electronic Journal of Biotechnology Molecular characterization of ‘Candidatus Liberibacter' species/strains causing huanglongbing disease of citrus in Kenya
Liefting et al., 2009, Plant Disease A New ‘Candidatus Liberibacter’ Species Associated with Diseases of Solanaceous Crops
Abad et al., 2009, Plant Disease First Report of the Detection of ‘Candidatus Liberibacter’ Species in Zebra Chip Disease-Infected Potato Plants in the United States
Liefting et al., 2008, Plant Disease A New ‘Candidatus Liberibacter’ Species in Solanum betaceum (Tamarillo) and Physalis peruviana (Cape Gooseberry) in New Zealand
Liefting et al., 2008, Plant Disease A New ‘Candidatus Liberibacter’ Species in Solanum tuberosum in New Zealand
Lin et al., 2008, Molecular and Cellular Probes Acquisition of uncharacterized sequences from Candidatus Liberibacter, an unculturable bacterium, using an improved genomic walking method
Doddapaneni et al., 2008, BMC Research Notes Comparative phylogenomics and multi-gene cluster analyses of the Citrus Huanglongbing (HLB)-associated bacterium Candidatus Liberibacter

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