Korotaev, Aleksandr


“Candidatus Mystax nordicus” Aggregates with Mitochondria of Its Host, the Ciliate Paramecium nephridiatum

Korotaev et al. (2020). Diversity 12 (6)
Ca. Paraholospora Ca. Mystax nordicus Ca. Mystax Ca. Megaira venefica Ca. Hafkinia Ca. Gortzia
Extensive search for new endosymbiotic systems in ciliates occasionally reverts us to the endosymbiotic bacteria described in the pre-molecular biology era and, hence, lacking molecular characterization. A pool of these endosymbionts has been referred to as a hidden bacterial biodiversity from the past. Here, we provide a description of one of such endosymbionts, retrieved from the ciliate Paramecium nephridiatum. This curve-shaped endosymbiont (CS), which shared the host cytoplasm with recently