Hansen, A. K.

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A New Huanglongbing Species, “ Candidatus Liberibacter psyllaurous,” Found To Infect Tomato and Potato, Is Vectored by the Psyllid Bactericera cockerelli (Sulc)

Hansen et al. (2008). Applied and Environmental Microbiology 74 (18)
Ca. Liberibacter psyllaurous
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology Biotechnology Ecology Food Science
ABSTRACT A new huanglongbing (HLB) “ Candidatus Liberibacter” species is genetically characterized, and the bacterium is designated “ Candidatus Liberibacter psyllaurous.” This bacterium infects the psyllid Bactericera cockerelli and its solanaceous host plants potato and tomato, potentially resulting in “psyllid yellowing.” Host plant-dependent HLB transmission and variation in psyllid infection frequencies are found.