Appino, Simonetta

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Detection of Helicobacter candidatus suis by pcr in oesophagogastric ulcers of swine in Italy

Appino et al. (2006). Acta Veterinaria Hungarica 54 (4)
General Veterinary
The aim of this study was to evaluate by PCR the presence of Helicobacter spp. in gastric mucus from the fundic region of the stomach and to investigate its role in oesophagogastric ulcers in swine bred and regularly slaughtered in Piedmont (Northern Italy). Stomachs from 595 regularly slaughtered swine were subjected to gross pathological examination in order to evaluate the presence of gastric ulcers (revealed in 75 cases, 12.6%). Histopathological examination was performed to better characterise erosions and ulcers. DNA extracted from gastric mucus collected from all the ulcer-affected and from 25 normal stomachs was submitted to PCR using Helicobacter spp. 16S rRNA gene target primers. Sixty-three percent (47/75) of the affected stomachs was positive as well as 24% (6/25) of the non-affected ones. Sequence analysis from 5 positive samples showed 99% homology with Helicobacter candidatus suis 16S ribosomal RNA gene.