Henry, Elizabeth


Candidatus Kirkpatrickella diaphorinae gen. nov., sp. nov., an uncultured endosymbiont identified in a population of Diaphorina citri from Hawaii

Henry et al. (2023). International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 73 (11)
Ca. Profftella armatura Ca. Kirkpatrickella diaphorinae Ca. Carsonella ruddii
Diaphorina citri is the hemipteran pest and vector of a devastating bacterial pathogen of citrus worldwide. In addition to the two core bacterial endosymbionts of D. citri, Candidatus Carsonella ruddii and Candidatus Profftella armatura, the genome of a novel endosymbiont and as of yet undescribed microbe was discovered in a Hawaiian D. citri population through deep sequencing of multiple D. citri populations. Found to be closely related to the genus