Okude, Genta


Cuticle supplementation and nitrogen recycling by a dual bacterial symbiosis in a family of xylophagous beetles

Kiefer et al. (2023). The ISME Journal 17 (7)
Bostrichidicola ureolyticus Ts Shikimatogenerans bostrichidophilus Shikimatogenerans silvanidophilus Ts Bostrichidicola
AbstractMany insects engage in stable nutritional symbioses with bacteria that supplement limiting essential nutrients to their host. While several plant sap-feeding Hemipteran lineages are known to be simultaneously associated with two or more endosymbionts with complementary biosynthetic pathways to synthesize amino acids or vitamins, such co-obligate symbioses have not been functionally characterized in other insect orders. Here, we report on the characterization of a dual co-obligate, bacter