Liles, Mark R.


Genomic characterization of a novel, widely distributed Mycoplasma species “Candidatus Mycoplasma mahonii” associated with the brittlestar Gorgonocephalus chilensis

Aroh et al. (2023). PLOS ONE 18 (8)
Ca. Mycoplasma mahonii
Symbiotic relationships are ubiquitous throughout the world’s oceans, yet for many marine organisms, including those in the high latitudes, little is understood about symbiotic associations and functional relationships. From a recently determined genome sequence of a filter-feeding basket star from Argentina, Gorgonocephalus chilensis, we discovered a novel Mycoplasma species with a 796Kb genome (CheckM completeness of 97.9%, G+C content = 30.1%). Similar to other Mycoplasma spp. within Mycoplas