Roth, Christoph


Novel taxonomic and functional diversity of bacteria from the upper digestive tract of chicken

Rios-Galicia et al. (2023).
“Limosilactobacillus galli” “Limosilactobacillus avium” “Limosilactobacillus pulli” “Clostridium anaeroviscerum” “Limosilactobacillus viscerum” “Limosilactobacillus difficilis” “Ligilactobacillus hohenheimensis” “Clostridium butanoliproducens”
AbstractStrategies to increase the production rate of chicken for human consumption alter the natural process of microbial colonisation and the nutritional performance of the animal. The lack of sufficient reference genomes limits the interpretation of sequencing data and restrain the study of complex functions. In this study, 43 strains obtained from crop, jejunum and ileum of chicken were isolated, characterised and genome analysed to observe their metabolic profiles, adaptive strategies and t