Aldeguer-Riquelme, Borja


Distribution, abundance, and ecogenomics of the Palauibacterales , a new cosmopolitan thiamine-producing order within the Gemmatimonadota phylum

Aldeguer-Riquelme et al. (2023). mSystems
Palauibacteraceae Palauibacterales Palauibacter Benthicola Humimonas Caribbeanibacter Carthagonibacter Indicimonas Kutchimonas Humimonas hydrogenitrophica Ts Caribbeanibacter nitroreducens Ts Benthicola marisminoris Ts Indicimonas acetifermentans Ts Benthicola azotiphorus Palauibacter soopunensis Ts Palauibacter scopulicola Palauibacter rhopaloidicola Palauibacter poriticola Palauibacter australiensis Palauibacter irciniicola Palauibacter denitrificans Carthagonibacter metallireducens Ts Kutchimonas denitrificans Ts Palauibacter polyketidifaciens Palauibacter ramosifaciens
ABSTRACT The phylum Gemmatimonadota comprises mainly uncultured microorganisms that inhabit different environments such as soils, freshwater lakes, marine sediments, sponges, or corals. Based on 16S rRNA gene studies, the group PAUC43f is one of the most frequently retrieved Gemmatimonadota in marine samples. However, its physiology and ecological roles are completely unknown since, to date, not a single PAUC43f isolate or me