Palladino, Giorgia


Phylogeny resolved, metabolism revealed: functional radiation within a widespread and divergent clade of sponge symbionts

Taylor et al. (2021). The ISME Journal 15 (2)
“Persebacteraceae” Tethybacter castelli Ts Tethybacter Tethybacteraceae Tethybacterales
Abstract The symbiosis between bacteria and sponges has arguably the longest evolutionary history for any extant metazoan lineage, yet little is known about bacterial evolution or adaptation in this process. An example of often dominant and widespread bacterial symbionts of sponges is a clade of uncultured and uncharacterised Proteobacteria. Here we set out to characterise this group using metagenomics, in-depth phylogenetic analyses, metatranscriptomics, and fluorescence in situ