Zhi, X.-Y.


Reassessment of the systematics of the suborder Pseudonocardineae: transfer of the genera within the family Actinosynnemataceae Labeda and Kroppenstedt 2000 emend. Zhi et al. 2009 into an emended family Pseudonocardiaceae Embley et al. 1989 emend. Zhi et al. 2009

Labeda et al. (2011). International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 61 (6)
The taxonomic status of the families Actinosynnemataceae and Pseudonocardiaceae was assessed based on 16S rRNA gene sequence data available for the 151 taxa with validly published names, as well as chemotaxonomic and morphological properties available from the literature. 16S rRNA gene sequences for the type strains of all taxa within the suborder Pseudonocardineae were subjected to phylogenetic analyses using different algorithms in arb and phylip. The description of many new genera and species